Kuhl Interior Design Services

It can be a little overwhelming to pick everything out for your project. These things are called selections. We are here to make that process fun and efficient. By utilizing our decked-out design studio, (we help you make critical decisions relating to your interior selections which suit your taste, budget and architectural style. We can also be here to make those decisions for you, if that is your thing. The point is that your level of design participation is entirely up to you.) Because our designers are working closely with both architects and builders, they are adept at the teamwork approach to getting things done.

Space Planning

Space planning sits at the heart of good interior design. We will review your plans–or create them–to ensure that the space will function the way you hope. How will traffic move? Where will the furnishings be placed? How will activities relate to the space at large? The ideal time to involve an interior designer is far before the construction starts.

Custom Cabinetry

We have relationships with a few select custom cabinet shops in the area which allows us to design and build anything you can imagine and some things you can’t. Maybe you have always wanted an entertainment center against that unused wall in your basement but have never known who can design and build it? Maybe you want to replace your builder-special kitchen island with a furniture-grade piece with cool finish? We can help with all varieties of architectural casework and millwork like fireplaces, bookcases, entertainment centers, window seats and general custom cabinetry.

Furniture & Accessories

We are able to buy furniture from just about any manufacturer at deep discounts and then build those pieces into the plans for your new spaces. Let us help you with your distinctive tables, consoles, armoires, dressers, wine cabinets and accent pieces. We ‘prove’ your scaled plans with your furniture because it is a lot cheaper to address problems in the planning world. We caution our clients to not buy furniture without knowing exactly how it relates to their new or remodeled home.

Even beautifully built and furnished rooms require accessories. Our interior designers can add layers of interest to your space by providing artwork, mirrors, pottery, ceramics, glass, tapestries, floor screens, fireplace accessories, and other doo-hickies. If you have some collected treasures, let us design a solution to help you display them in the way they deserve.

Window Treatments

Your windows are the perfect opportunity to express your style. So is your hair, but we can’t help with that. We know what onion fringes, smocking, gimps, and goblet pleats are so you don’t have to. In the design of window treatments we consider privacy needs, light control, climate control and operational requirements such as motorization. We know what onion fringes, smocking, gimps and goblet pleats are so you don’t have to. Our mastery of the details is what sets us apart. Whether you prefer something subdued, something lavish or something in between we will design and oversee the fabrication and installation of window treatments that inspire envy.


Sourcing is a happy word. It’s when we buy product from distributors and pass on the savings to you. For real. Through our interior design department you can buy custom cabinetry, designer lighting and plumbing fixtures, home furnishings of all varieties and price points, window treatments, flooring, home accessories and much, much more. Our incentive in passing on our discounts is simple. If you buy from us, you will most likely hire us to build something too. Or, you will tell your friends that we are nice to work with, and they will call us to build something.

Here is a list of the some of the other things you can buy directly through our Interior Design division: Carpet, curtains, upholstery, area rugs, hardware for windows, doors and cabinetry, tile, stone, countertops, millwork, and glass and mirrors.

Lighting Design

We are self-admitted lighting snobs. Nothing is more important in establishing the character and feel of a space than the way light, both natural and artificial, is used. Think about your favorite restuarant; it probably has cool lighting. That’s no accident. Good lighting makes life better.

We combine uplights, downlights, wall washers, concealed lights, under cabinet, inner cabinet, lamps, chandeliers, sconces, accent, and art lighting to get just the right effect. If you are remodeling or if you just want to add light to an existing space, we can help you light your space in the way it deserves.

Color Consultation

Beige got you down? We understand. Colors are a tricky business. In the span of very little time we can come into your house and choose the colors to make it your home. We will tell you what is cool and what you should avoid.


Our interiors division is capable of providing independent design staff to you directly on an hourly basis. We can work with you, your builder or your architect to provide professional interior design services. Perhaps you are looking for some advice on colors or need to get new light fixtures for your bathroom? Maybe you have always wanted an entertainment center against that unused wall in your basement but have never known who can design and build it? Our designers can help.

Our interior design contract spells out clearly the services we are providing, who is doing what, how we charge, and so on.

Wall & Ceiling Design

Make a statement. For your walls, we offer designer faux finishes, decorative plasters, wallpapers, upholstery, detailed wainscoting, murals and a variety of other textures. For your ceilings, think tin, copper, wood, stone, plaster, coves, domes, fiber optics and more.


Whether you need something simply concepted or something detailed to the micron, we can draft your interior design project. We utilize hand sketching and a variety of CAD programs to bring ideas to life. The drawing thing intimidates many interior designers. We love to draw.