Who is Kuhl?

We are a full service, residential design/build company specializing in large remodels and quality new construction. Our way of doing business is dynamic, interactive and fully transparent. It’s your house, and it’s your money. Recognition of this fact is seen in every facet of our business because we respect our clients enough to be honest about the numbers. In exchange, they trust us to do the right thing. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Simple, but uncommon.

Steve Kuhl

CEO, Creative Director

Dan Murphy

COO, Production Director

Eric Maciazka

Project Manager

Rachael Chrzanak

Office Manager

Shauna O'Brien

Lead Interior Designer, Allied ASID

David Snapko

Project Manager, Lead Carpenter

Jim "JT" Techam

Project Manager

Chris Adler


Beau Baker


Josue Dominguez


Luke Rogers


Scott Struelens


Brook Budziak

Office Manager

Ben Miller

Sales, Production Manager

Megan Butkiewicz

Sales, Production Coordinator

Matt Crumley

Sales, Customer Service

Blue Kuhl

Textile Delivery Dog


In 1999, Steve Kuhl and Dan Murphy started Kuhl Design & Build. We set out to create a little something different in the residential construction  industry. Our business plan would hinge on a bold idea.  We will only work with people we trust and only for those who trust us. We used to keep this a secret because we were afraid people might take it the wrong way. Now we announce it proudly because we realize it has allowed us grow into a truly unique organization. This approach has also resulted in us having the most excellent clients on the planet.  Nothing beats doing what you love for people you adore and then getting paid for it.

Life is simply too short to not enjoy what you do and who you do it for.


Meet with us once and you will get it.

Our approach is extremely human. We understand that it is pretty scary to build a new house and perhaps even more terrifying to remodel the one you have. Who hasn’t heard one of those icky construction stories?

We have fine-tuned our process over the years to address the things that underpin those fears and frustrations. Will your project finish on time? Will it come in on budget? Will you be treated with respect? Will you end up with something exceptional, or something that looks a lot like the McBuilding so sadly ubiquitous today? Our process relies on one critical idea and that is we trust you and you trust us. That one principle carries us across every project, no matter what the challenges.