Design + Build Services

We do not create compelling designs, we discover them. We do this by gaining insight into who you are, how you live and how you want to live. We believe that an opportunity exists within every design to develop a unique solution.

Kuhl Design Philosophy

Some of our clients are very creative and enjoy being involved in the the design process. Others would rather do as little as possible. Wherever you fall on the scale is up to you.

Our designers flesh-out the concepts which are then refined through a series of design review meetings until they are brought back to you for approval. At each design phase our production department scrutinizes the drawings closely in order to find cost saving ideas. Unless you tell us differently, your designs are driven by your project budget, not the other way around.

Advantages of Working with Kuhl

You’ve probably heard it before. Remodeling is in many ways like a marriage. But by working with KUHL through the design phase you are given the opportunity to get to know who we are and how we do business. We are able to establish —together— the terms of the relationship that will carry us across the arc of your project and we do so before you make a major financial commitment. When you work with KUHL the design phase is more of a blind date than a marriage. If we don’t gel as a team, or you don’t like us, there is a very low discovery cost.

Know As You Go

One of the biggest advantages of the KUHL system is that it allows us to estimate the project as it is being designed. A large, complex building or remodeling project may call for a number of increasingly refined estimates, from the initial ballpark figure to estimates at schematic design and final design stages. We are immediately aware of the cost implications of each design move, and so are you. No more crossing your fingers, hoping your beautiful plans can be built for your budget. No more expensive and time-consuming redraws where the designer whittles down the plans–and your dreams– to make them more affordable. No more finger pointing when there is a flaw in the plans that needs to be addressed. We are fully accountable from beginning to end

Saving you time

We are here to make the process of designing and building as linear, cost-effective and fun as possible. For example, as our client you won’t have to drive around town looking for tile or wonder if the finish on the sconce works with the sink. Neither will you have to worry about your architect drawing up something crazy you can’t afford or your builder blessing your home with something he found on the scratch-n-dent shelf at Menards. All of these situations are as common rain. Not at Kuhl Design & Build

Value engineering

We understand the difference between expensive and valuable. We have learned over the years that exquisite homes are not necessarily the result of oodles of cash. They are the result of informed, creative design. One need only visit some of the expensive homes on the local Parade of Homes to know that cost has nothing to do with quality or design integrity. It’s more like Parade of Yikes. (we said ‘some’ of the houses…)

Saving you money

As your designer-builder one of our most important jobs is to protect your budget. Quite honestly it is a frustrating job sometimes, especially for designers who–bless their hearts–want you to have the most beautiful things but forget that those things usually cost more. For us, seeing that your project comes in on budget is a matter of pride and professional responsibility. In our minds, failure to do so is a failure in our organization. Plus, if we exceed your budget it will make you mad and it is no fun to work for mad people.