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Phone Consultation

We want to discuss the nature and scope of the project you have in mind and what your budget is. We will ask you a few key questions about what your project goals are and determine if they fit roughly with what you hope to spend. If you haven’t come up with a budget yet, we can usually help you establish a broad range over the phone. By the end of this first conversation you will have a basic sense of how we do business and whether or not the amount of money you hope to spend for your project is realistic. We then schedule a time for one or both of the company owners, Steve Kuhl and Dan Murphy, to visit with you to further discuss your project. We usually assign you a little homework to complete prior to our meeting. This helps you get as much as possible out of the time we spend together.

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First Meeting

One or both of the company owners will visit with you in your home. Plan on one to three hours because we like to talk. We will take some time to listen to what you are thinking about doing. We ask a lot of questions. You take us on a tour. We take notes and photos and listen to the ideas you have collected. After that we introduce you to how we do business, our values, our methods and our people. The main purpose of this first meeting is to see how we all gel as team. We talk a little about some of the design possibilities, but mostly it’s about exploring the possibility of working together. We do not charge for this meeting.



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Design Feasibility

After our first meeting you can take one of two paths: A feasibility review or a design retainer.

Some of our clients are skilled at visualizing their architectural dreams and thus require less detailed designs to get them where they need to go. Most, however, enjoy seeing a number of options. Some have clear ideas about what materials and finishes they like while others need more guidance. After getting to know where you fall on the spectrum we draw up a Kuhl Design Retainer. This agreement puts our talent into motion towards the design of your project by spelling out in clear terms what we are going to do for you. It addresses questions like: Are we using our in-house design talent or are we working with an architect you bring to the table? How many hours of our interior designer’s time have we included? How many design redraws are included? Do you get a 3D tour of your space? Who is responsible for what?

Our design retainer is a completely separate contract from our construction agreement. This preserves the independence of the design team and allows you to get to know how we operate before signing a construction agreement.

For information on our interior design division click here.

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Bottom Text

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